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Ego to support overlays?


Just a question: will ego eventually handle overlays?


I don't seek for help regarding the following, at least not in this post. The following is to justify the question.

After having installed `eselect-repository` and enabling the 'chaoslab' repository,

root@carbon nik # eselect repository list -i
Available repositories:
  [66]  chaoslab *

I still had to somehow make ebuilds, from external repositories, visible to `emerge`. I did this with `eix-remote update`. Perhaps wrongly so, but I don't know how else.

Now, `eix -R chromium` returns a couple of available packages, in various repositories. Yet, I still can't get to install such "external" packages, i.e. 

emerge -av www-client/ungoogled-chromium-bin::chaoslab


!!! Section 'chaoslab' in repos.conf has location attribute set to nonexistent directory: '/var/db/repos/chaoslab'
WARNING: One or more repositories have missing repo_name entries:


NOTE: Each repo_name entry should be a plain text file containing a
unique name for the repository on the first line.

These are the packages that would be merged, in order:

Calculating dependencies... done!

emerge: there are no ebuilds to satisfy "www-client/ungoogled-chromium-bin::chaoslab".

emerge: searching for similar names...
emerge: Maybe you meant any of these: www-client/google-chrome, www-client/google-chrome-beta, www-client/google-chrome-unstable?

It would be, of course, great if ego could replace `eix-remote`. Or is this a bad idea?

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