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Problems creating OpenVZ container with ploop layout


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for couple of years I've been using Funtoo as base system for OpenVZ virtualization. Everything is working great.

So far used only simfs layout. Decided to try ploop, but


# vzctl create 1409072 --ostemplate centos-7-x86_64-minimal --layout ploop --hostname demo --hostname demo


ended with error:


Creating image: /vz/private/1409072.tmp/root.hdd/root.hdd size=2306867K
Creating delta /vz/private/1409072.tmp/root.hdd/root.hdd bs=2048 size=4614144 sectors v2
Storing /vz/private/1409072.tmp/root.hdd/DiskDescriptor.xml
Opening delta /vz/private/1409072.tmp/root.hdd/root.hdd
Adding delta dev=/dev/ploop58790 img=/vz/private/1409072.tmp/root.hdd/root.hdd (rw)
Can't add image /vz/private/1409072.tmp/root.hdd/root.hdd: Invalid argument
Failed to create image: Can't add image /vz/private/1409072.tmp/root.hdd/root.hdd: Invalid argument [3]
Destroying container private area: /vz/private/1409072
Creation of container private area failed
/vz partition is ext4.


Tried different sys-kernel/openvz-rhel6-stable kernels (from personal overlay):


* 2.6.32-042stab084.26

* 2.6.32-042stab090.5

* 2.6.32-042stab093.4


with different vzctl versions:


* 4.6.1

* 4.7

* 4.7.2


every time got the same error.


What could be wrong?


Does anybody successfully use OpenVZ containers with ploop layout?


Any thoughts/help is appreciated.

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