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e2fsprogs breaks u-boot

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I have been working on yocto, gentoo and funtoo for the Beagleboard X15. I needed to create a new image for one of my Beagleboard X15 boards. I created a partition of 90MB in fat32 for u-boot and MLO. I then created an ext4 partition for the rootfs using the following command because funtoo now uses the e2fsprogs that breaks u-boot :

mkfs.ext4 -L rootfs -O ^metadata_csum,^64bit /dev/sdd2

That didn't not create a 32 bit filesystem as expected. The solution was to boot to ubuntu 16.04 which still uses 1.42

This command worked correctly on arch linux last I tried.

I looke to replace 1.43 with 1.42 in my overlay but it doesn't appear to be possible. The unmask and mask do not work, funtoo insists on keeping the buggy version.

I find it annoying to have to boot to ubuntu to do my work on arm boards.

Any idea how to fix that? Is there any alternative to that e2fsprogs crapware?



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