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Samba - Basic principles



For the first time in my life :unsure: , I need to use Samba (for file sharing)

My debts are many, although basic, so here goes:


Funtoo Linux (reiser4 FS) <> win7 (NTFS)


1. From this scenario, if CIFS is a network file system, this abstracts the "differences" between the OS's file systems, thus enabling the opening, reading and writing files in both the 2 sides?


Found in wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Samba:

"If you don't really want the full samba package, you can install only net-fs/cifs-utils"

2. So what's the difference of net-fs/samba for net-fs/cifs-utils?


3. If my access is root, it is mandatory to create unique user for Samba? And this is the user who will win ask for access? 


4. Need creating specific folder? .. if yes how would the permissions and fstab - automount? 


5. Could someone send me the basics samba.conf? (machines with win7 use the wi-fi and I intend to leave this group addresses: > and do not use printer sharing only files;


6. There is a sub item of setup for CIFS kernel-3.14.x (CIFS cache), then this could keep the visible folders to win, even if Samba is disabled?  :blink: 


If anyone can answer any of these questions, would be grateful  ^_^ 

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