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Which Linux Sysadmin Book Do You Recommend?

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My greetings, dear developers and programmers!

Need any systematic knowledge of Linux administration. Any book that page by page without typing every question I need will give me more info about using Linux soft and utilities, about booting process, system configuration, logging, developer's tools, debugging.

I have Russian book "Linux. Alphabet of a Kernel" (as I can translate it into English). There is much info about C functions of a kernel. It is a "low-level knowledge", that has no practical application current time for me.

Need typographic publication about how to use Linux: most popular applications, environment configuration. As these:

  • bash,
  • find xargs,
  • awk, sed, grep, regular expressions,
  • crontab,
  • grub, boot.conf
  • fdisk,
  • Xorg, desktop environment,
  • kernel, menuconfig, kernel modules,
  • difference between apt-get, yum, aur, emerge,
  • working with network,
  • using of Gentoo,
  • system calls, interrupts, drivers, firmware soft,
  • free developer environment: qt, gtk+, eclipse,
  • python beginnings.

The web search take too much time and eyes. Advise a book, please.

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