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meld requires too new glib 2.50:2


Emerge is failing to upgrade:

emerge: there are no ebuilds to satisfy ">=dev-libs/glib-2.50:2[dbus]".
(dependency required by "dev-util/meld-3.17.4::dev-kit" [ebuild])
(dependency required by "@selected" [set])
(dependency required by "@world" [argument])

And indeed, the ebuild of meld, https://github.com/funtoo/dev-kit/blob/master/dev-util/meld/meld-3.17.4.ebuild, got an update 6 hours ago that added a new ebuild for 3.17.4 that requires glib-2.50:2, but https://github.com/funtoo/gnome-kit/tree/3.20-prime/dev-libs/glib contains no ebuild for that version.


Should I report this in the bug tracker?

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Hi jhan. I think there was an update to the ebuilds by now. I am not aware of having changed my system (and certainly not the USE flags), but meld compiles now.


The dbus USE flag is disabled on my system, but I had to enable it for some specific packages. But I don't see it activated for meld.

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