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(masked by: invalid: DEPEND: USE flag 'ppc-aix' referenced in conditional 'ppc-aix?' is not in IUSE)




switched to kits master branch, everything's fine.


but, eix-test-obsolete -d shows this and if i try to install / upgrade:



Installed packages with a version not in the database (or masked):
media-fonts/font-adobe-100dpi [1] (1.0.3{tbz2}[?]@07/21/2017): X.Org Adobe bitmap fonts
media-fonts/font-adobe-75dpi [1] (1.0.3{tbz2}[?]@07/21/2017): X.Org Adobe bitmap fonts
media-fonts/font-adobe-utopia-100dpi [1] (1.0.4{tbz2}[?]@07/21/2017): X.Org Adobe Utopia bitmap fonts
media-fonts/font-adobe-utopia-75dpi [1] (1.0.4{tbz2}[?]@07/21/2017): X.Org Adobe Utopia bitmap fonts
media-fonts/font-adobe-utopia-type1 [1] (1.0.4{tbz2}[?]@07/21/2017): X.Org Adobe Utopia Type 1 fonts
media-fonts/font-arabic-misc [1] (1.0.3{tbz2}[?]@07/21/2017): X.Org arabic bitmap fonts
media-fonts/font-bh-lucidatypewriter-100dpi [1] (1.0.3{tbz2}[?]@07/21/2017): X.Org Bigelow & Holmes Lucida bitmap fonts
media-fonts/font-bh-lucidatypewriter-75dpi [1] (1.0.3{tbz2}[?]@07/21/2017): X.Org Bigelow & Holmes Lucida bitmap fonts
media-fonts/font-bh-ttf [1] (1.0.3{tbz2}[?]@07/21/2017): X.Org Bigelow & Holmes TrueType fonts
media-fonts/font-bh-type1 [1] (1.0.3{tbz2}[?]@07/21/2017): X.Org Bigelow & Holmes Type 1 fonts
media-fonts/font-bitstream-75dpi [1] (1.0.3{tbz2}[?]@07/21/2017): X.Org Bitstream bitmap fonts
media-fonts/font-bitstream-speedo [1] (1.0.2{tbz2}[?]@07/21/2017): Bitstream Speedo fonts
media-fonts/font-bitstream-type1 [1] (1.0.3{tbz2}[?]@07/21/2017): X.Org Bitstream Type 1 fonts
media-fonts/font-cronyx-cyrillic [1] (1.0.3{tbz2}[?]@07/21/2017): X.Org Cronyx cyrillic fonts
media-fonts/font-cursor-misc [1] (1.0.3{tbz2}[?]@07/21/2017): X.Org cursor font
media-fonts/font-daewoo-misc [1] (1.0.3{tbz2}[?]@07/21/2017): X.Org Daewoo fonts
media-fonts/font-dec-misc [1] (1.0.3{tbz2}[?]@07/21/2017): X.Org DEC fonts
media-fonts/font-ibm-type1 [1] (1.0.3{tbz2}[?]@07/21/2017): X.Org IBM Courier font
media-fonts/font-isas-misc [1] (1.0.3{tbz2}[?]@07/21/2017): X.Org the Institute of Software, Academia Sinica (chinese) fonts
media-fonts/font-jis-misc [1] (1.0.3{tbz2}[?]@07/21/2017): X.Org JIS (japanese) fonts
media-fonts/font-micro-misc [1] (1.0.3{tbz2}[?]@07/21/2017): X.Org micro-misc font
media-fonts/font-misc-cyrillic [1] (1.0.3{tbz2}[?]@07/21/2017): X.Org misc-cyrillic fonts
media-fonts/font-misc-ethiopic [1] (1.0.3{tbz2}[?]@07/21/2017): Miscellaneous Ethiopic fonts
media-fonts/font-misc-meltho [1] (1.0.3{tbz2}[?]@07/21/2017): X.Org Syriac fonts
media-fonts/font-schumacher-misc [1] (1.1.2{tbz2}[?]@07/21/2017): X.Org Schumacher fonts
media-fonts/font-screen-cyrillic [1] (1.0.4{tbz2}[?]@07/21/2017): X.Org Screen cyrillic fonts
media-fonts/font-sony-misc [1] (1.0.3{tbz2}[?]@07/21/2017): X.Org Sony fonts
media-fonts/font-sun-misc [1] (1.0.3{tbz2}[?]@07/21/2017): X.Org Sun fonts
media-fonts/font-winitzki-cyrillic [1] (1.0.3{tbz2}[?]@07/21/2017): X.Org Winitzki cyrillic font
media-fonts/font-xfree86-type1 [1] (1.0.4{tbz2}[?]@07/21/2017): X.Org XFree86 Type 1 font
x11-apps/luit [1] (1.1.1{tbz2}[?]@07/21/2017): Locale and ISO 2022 support for Unicode terminals
x11-apps/mkfontdir [1] (1.0.7{tbz2}[?]@07/24/2017): create an index of X font files in a directory
x11-apps/xpr [1] (1.0.4{tbz2}[?]@07/21/2017): X.Org xpr application
x11-apps/xwud [1] (1.0.4{tbz2}[?]@07/21/2017): image displayer for X
x11-libs/libXxf86misc [1] (1.0.3{tbz2}[?]@07/20/2017): X.Org Xxf86misc library
x11-proto/bigreqsproto [1] (1.1.2{tbz2}[?]@07/21/2017): X.Org BigReqs protocol headers
x11-proto/resourceproto [1] (1.2.0{tbz2}[?]@07/20/2017): X.Org Resource protocol headers
x11-proto/trapproto [1] (3.4.3{tbz2}[?]@07/21/2017): X.Org Trap protocol headers
x11-proto/xcmiscproto [1] (1.2.2{tbz2}[?]@07/21/2017): X.Org XCMisc protocol headers
x11-proto/xf86miscproto [1] (0.9.3{tbz2}[?]@07/20/2017): X.Org XF86Misc protocol headers
x11-proto/xf86rushproto [1] (1.1.2-r1{tbz2}[?]@07/21/2017): X.Org XF86Rush protocol headers
[1] "xorg-kit" /var/git/meta-repo/kits/xorg-kit

Found 41 matches

somename ~ #  emerge -va --usepkg=n media-fonts/font-adobe-100dpi

These are the packages that would be merged, in order:

Calculating dependencies... done!

!!! All ebuilds that could satisfy "media-fonts/font-adobe-100dpi" have been masked.
!!! One of the following masked packages is required to complete your request:
- media-fonts/font-adobe-100dpi-1.0.3::xorg-kit (masked by: invalid: DEPEND: USE flag 'ppc-aix' referenced in conditional 'ppc-aix?' is not in IUSE)

For more information, see the MASKED PACKAGES section in the emerge
man page or refer to the Gentoo Handbook.



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