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Modifing fstab



How can I modify fstab to have sdb1, my home partition in? It currently looks like this:

NOTE: dev/sdb1 is the home partition

# /etc/fstab: static file system information
# The root filesystem should have a pass number of either 0 or 1.
# All other filesystems should have a pass number of 0 or greater than 1.
# NOTE: If your BOOT partition is ReiserFS, add the notail option to opts
# See the manpage fstab(5) for more information
# <fs>               <mountpoint>     <type>          <opts>                    <dump/p$>
/dev/sda1            /boot            ext2            noauto.noatime            1 2
/dev/sda2            none             swap            sw                        0 0
/dev/sda3            /                xfs             noatime                   0 1
#/dev/cdrom          /mnt/cdrom       auto            noauto,ro                 0 0
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Hello, fusion-cat!


You must do these steps:

~ $ su -
~ # cp -p /etc/fstab{,.bak}
~ # nano -w /etc/fstab

1? step: you log in as root;

2? step: you make a backup of the file;

3? step: you open the file '/etc/fstab' with the editor 'nano'.


Then you should add something like this:

/dev/sdb1	/home	ext4	defaults,noatime	0 2

To exit the editor you must:


1? to press 'Ctrl+O' + 'Enter';

2? to press 'Ctrl+X'.


I hope I have helped!

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Hello, fusion-cat!


My file '/etc/fstab' is this:

/dev/md1                        /boot                   ext2    defaults,noatime                                        1 2
/dev/mapper/swsyho-swap         none                    swap    sw                                                      0 0
/dev/mapper/swsyho-system       /                       ext4    noatime                                                 0 1
/dev/mapper/swsyho-home         /home                   ext4    defaults,noatime                                        0 2
tmpfs                           /var/tmp/portage        tmpfs   uid=portage,gid=portage,mode=775,size=16384M,noatime    0 0

/dev/sdc1                       /hd                     ext4    defaults,noatime                                        0 2

I have everything aligned.

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