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UEFI Install Guide Question



Hello Everyone!

I didn't want to cling on the the previous "UEFI Hangs" thread, so I started my own.
I recently bought a laptop and have been trying out different distros on it this weekend. I attempted to install Funtoo using the UEFI Install guide, and it hanged as the "known issues" section shows. I think I may be interpreting something wrong.
The question I have regarding this page is the following. The page states:

With pure UEFI boot mode, with legacy mode disabled, following error expected:

  • video driver not supported, boot hangs, hard reboot required.
Choose UEFI first, next legacy driver. It depends on motherboard vendor and efi bios version. In UEFI bios choose grub option, if your succeeded with above guide, additional menu should appear in Boot Menu, otherwise it boots into EFI shell:
  • grub:NAME of you hard drive

I've had enough experience this weekend to know that on my brand new laptop, there is a pure "UEFI boot mode + Secure Boot", a "pure UEFI boot mode (no secure boot)", and a "Legacy Enabled mode".


So, what does "Choose UEFI first, next legacy driver" mean? Does it refer to booting in Legacy mode? If so, why UEFI first?


Does that mean that I still have to install a UEFI type system, despite it booting in Legacy mode?


.... and if all this fails miserably, is it possible to install Funtoo in a traditional BIOS/MBR fashion by booting it as Legacy mode?


I'm a bit confused. Any help appreciated. :)


That being said, given that documentation, perhaps put in a mention in the beginning of the document stating that there is a preferred mode to install UEFI, given known issues with this type of install (and linking to the bottom). That way, if you're following the guide, you know the perils of taking one direction, or taking another.


Thanks in advance! Hope my questions make sense!

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I've been playing with some mild success with Funtoo on my new laptop. I sucessfully got Funtoo boot on UEFI by using the gentoo ebuild Grub2 work around stated in a previous post. I have not however been able to start X.


long and the short of it is, my video wasn't being detected by X so it seems. i.e.: when I would run aticonfig --initial, I'd get  something to the effect of "no adapters detected".


simliar would happen with radeon. I believe it could be a kernel issue.


I couldn't report or post anything for feedback because I have to travel this weekend, and need to have a working OS on my laptop. So I scrapped it all, but once I'm back, I'm going to give it another stab, hopefully post something to get some feedback and hopefully help out others.


I am planning on adding a couple of  caveats on using the rtl8723be wifi card, and getting it to work on a system using a kernel >3.15. It's not tough, but a little tricky. I'll post this while I'm re-installing.


In the meantime, what info should I post once I attempt another install (most likely on Wednesday/Thursday), to get X troubleshot? Maybe the .config of the kernel? (I did do debian-sources binary though, not sure if that would help at all)

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