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Need help finding a Wifi ticket system

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I am looking for a software or combination of software running on Linux to manage network guest passwords for a semi public facility.


Semi-public means a facility owned by a compound that can b e rented. There is a WiFi connected to fiber (100Gbit/s) that can be shared to visitors but we do not want to have publicly open since the facility is centrally located.


What we try to achieve is:

* In advance generate passwords for the period of time (some months) and let the system change password Fridays and Mondays. Someone need to know the expected password in advance

* Have a WebGUI from LAN but not from WAN

* Can be installed on a Raspberry Pi 3 with Linux possible located between internal public LAN and the router. (Will a Raspberry Pi 3 be able to cope with HD streamed movie?)

* Users without a ticket shall preferably be redirected to a web page on the Raspberry



The alternatives I have found so far either looks abandoned or I cant figure out if they help (like hostapd)



Thankful for all pointers or ideas.

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We gave up and went a completely other way - we are going to put a light switch to the access point and only turn it on when it is supposed to be used. Password to be changed when motivated (i.e. not very often). There will be a light in the switch so one can see if access point is on or not from distance.


The access point will be covered by a box with plexiglass front and wooden sides to avoid being messed with.



All involved are very satisfied by a low tech solution and ready for cover design :)

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