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profile problems during installation


I am working through a new funtoo install and am running into trouble installing a portage snapshot. I have untarred the stage3-latest into the chrooted environment. However when I attempt "emerge-sync" I get the following error:


(chroot) sysresccd / # emerge --sync
>>> Syncing repository 'gentoo' into '/usr/portage'...
/usr/bin/git clone --depth 1 git://github.com/funtoo/ports-2012.git .
fatal: destination path '.' already exists and is not an empty directory.
!!! git clone error in /usr/portage
q: Updating ebuild cache in /usr/portage ...
q: Finished 0 entries in 0.000017 seconds
!!! Unable to parse profile: '/etc/portage/make.profile'
!!! ParseError: Parent '/usr/portage/profiles/funtoo/1.0/linux-gnu/arch/x86-64bit' not found: '/etc/portage/make.profile/parent'


I discovered that in several recent stages (x86_64) there is nothing in /usr/portage, no profile information and no .git directory.  I get git errors if I attempt "git checkout funtoo.org" from /usr/portage. Finally, I have been unable to get to any portage shapshots, all the links are broken (403 errors).


Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Hello all,

I discovered my problem. I had a separate lvm for distfiles mounted under /usr/portage/distfiles. After a more careful read of the above error message I unmounted the distfiles lvm and deleted the distfiles directory under /usr/portage.


With an empty /usr/portage directory, as it should be per the stage3 tar ball, I re-ran "emerge --sync" and everything proceeded correctly. So this problem is solved.




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