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Building a Cloud Developer System


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I want to build a new Linux/KVM desktop system which will not only support VMs, but containers as well. I'd also like to be able to configure an OpenStack, as well as a kubernetes development system, separating them onto different VMs where it makes sense. I've found the following online documentation which describes building kubernetes development systems from;


Red Hat (which invites you to become a Red Hat developer and use both RHEL, as well as the Red Hat Container Development Kit)
IBM, which describes setting up the k8s development system under Ubuntu
and CoreOS using both Minikube as well as Vagrant

CoreOS and Intel's Clear Linux seems to be distros designed for cloud developers, however based on this information, Clear Linux, (and certainly CoreOS), isn't designed to support the same kind of desktop environment I could have under Funtoo/Gentoo.

BTW, my goal is to produce technical documentation, and I don't have any real development requirements beyond understanding how things work together. Beyond that, I would need this to be my main desktop from a productivity standpoint as well.

My question is, would Funtoo, or Gentoo, (the Linux distro I'm most familiar with), be a good "core OS" for building such a system, and why/not?

Any feedback from anyone doing something similar would be helpful.


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I guess it's possible to pull what you want provided you can grab a kernel that provides both qemu virtualization and container support.


I guess that you could also run containers in a VM and have OpenStack emulate the containers.


You could potentially run an OpenStack server as your desktop and access one of the VMs as your "main desktop" 


Again, this is hypothetical, and far-fetched at best. Somebody might be brilliant enough to write such a thing.


You're better off with Funtoo to try your luck with containter virtualization since we feature kernels that support that:

http://www.funtoo.org/Funtoo_Linux_KernelsIf I recall correctly Gentoo doesn't have that feature.


You can try getting qemu to work with containers. Can't help you realizing any of this, since I don't have the experience.

Theoretically it could be done, although it would be rather tedious. Might be worth it if you have a beast of a PC available.


Caveat emptor.

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