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configure grub with boot-update to boot mac os X




funtoo noob here. I've just finished installing funtoo on my mid2009 macbook pro (and I'm already very excited about it). Prior to the installation I had installed rEFInd, yet whenever I reboot instead of rEFInd welcome screen (which I do get in my other 'testing' macbook where I also just installed funtoo) I get the grub menu with the only option to boot Funtoo. It's perfectly OK for me to bypass rEFInd and boot directly from grub and I understand that this is possible. My question is how to configure /etc/boot.conf so that I can add a "Mac Os X" entry in my grub menu and boot Os X from there?


(Note that my mac Os X partition is /dev/sda2)





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You have both operating systems on your macbook, right? I presume you have all the partitions for both.  I am not sure how different telling Grub to boot would be from a plain linux booted by Grub [2 or Legacy]. The newest mac operating systems are linux-based, but I have never worked with it.


Using Grub2 or Grub Legacy per the online documentation from Gnu (or info grub at the command line) is distinct from using Funtoo's boot-update per the manpages via 'man boot.conf' and 'man boot-update'. I would look at the files in the partition for the boot of your mac OS and see if there is any plausible correspondence to a regular linux boot. I can only guess since I have never had a mac, but since no one else has answered, maybe my attempt is better than nothing.


Grub allows you to manually try things. Maybe you type 'c' for a command line and 'e' to (temporarily?) edit a Grub menu line. You could experiment that way maybe.

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