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Strange openvpn behaviour - tunnel not restarting and stalling frequently.



My openpn tunnel frequently becomes unusable. At irregular intervals, data ceases to be able to pass through the tunnel. It does not restart, instead it waits a seemingly random amount of time (minutes) before eventually data can pass through again. However this behaviour does not apply to my bittorent client, which is unaffected by the network outage. It continues to send data through the tunnel, preventing it from restarting. I am using QBittorrent and have it configured to only talk on tun0. My openvpn.conf is as follows:

dev tun0
remote de.mullvad.net 1300 udp
cipher AES-256-CBC
resolv-retry infinite
verb 1
log /etc/openvpn/openvpn.log
remote-cert-tls server
ping 10
ping-restart 12
script-security 2
(embedded certificates omitted)
Changing the ping-restart values has no effect on tunnel uptime either, which is always exactly 2 minutes in duration. The ping-restart value only seems to represent how long I have to wait for it to restart when openvpn notices the tunnel isn't working, rather than what it is actually for. I would provide my log, but it's not very telling at all, all of the log entries are normal, regardless of the verbosity.
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