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Funtoo Newsletter, February 2023

Our Second Newsletter! Welcome to our second official Funtoo Linux newsletter, covering the time period of February 2023! It’s exciting for us to get into a rhythm with newsletter releases.  We have a much meatier newsletter this month, with recent technical updates, great news about Oleg aka angry_vincent, a profile of Kery, a new user – and his install challenges, and some really useful and detailed info about our bug tracker and how to use it well. Let’s start by covering the latest

Funtoo Newsletter, January 2023

Funtoo Newsletter, January 2023 A lot goes on in the Funtoo Community in a month.  Here are some highlights of what happened along the month of January 2023. And the first thing we have to announce this month is the start of this monthly newsletter itself! Funtoo Newsletter The lack of consistent and effective communication over time have led even active contributors to remain oblivious for months of certain developments have been put forth by other members. This can make things c
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