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I didn't really know where to post this question, since I've been using Funtoo for awhile, thus not an install question...and I'm unsure if this is a "desktop" question.


I use funtoo on my personal laptop and would like to setup networking a little more robustly.  I've read the Networking page (and after hours upon hours of confusion, realized exactly how different Funtoo is from Gentoo just by trying to set up a static ip) and IMHO the wiki page is a little lite on the topic of stacked runlevels and examples of use.  It doesn't help that I know very little about networking, and have no clue what 95% of these words mean :(


I would like to configure my machine so that if an ethernet cable is plugged in it takes higher priority over all other connections and the wifi automatically stops its connection.  If an ethernet cable is not present, the wifi stays enabled and works as you'd normally expect, and giving the ability to connect to scan and connect to other networks.  Also, with one last constraint...whenever connected to my home network, I use a fixed static IP address, regardless of wired or wifi connection.


To add even more to this...eventually, I'd like to add VPN and different user tools to easily switch between servers.  (Actually, I'm already able to do this part...with current setup).


How should I go about doing this?  Could I please get some guidance?  Maybe this is a tough question, perhaps we can figure it out together :D .  Also, if I get this figured out...I plan on writing an tutorial about the set up.  Any insight would be much appreciated.





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