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Please, share your debian-sources folder (already emerged & packed)!



As already reported:


there is problem of no possibility to emerge anykernel-sources. (Weird error: "Too many open files"!!!)

Maybe kernel should be compiled first under already Funtoo?

If this is the case then some sort of workaround is needed, for instance by simply copying the whole e.g. debian-sources folder, already patched and installed properly by 'emerge debian-sources' on any other fully working system.

(Afterwards 'eselect kernel set debian-sources-...' proceeds so it could compile usual way, known e.g. from gentoo.)


Well, gentoo-sources and vanilla-sources folders could be readily taken from Gentoo installation. However there isn't any sort of debian-sources there!


Therefore, please somebody send full already installed debian-sources folder, or at least please provide some link where it could be found?


Very much thanks!

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