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I was a Gentoo user, but got a bit unhappy about Portage: Then I switched to Paludis (I consider it has amazing features other package managers should look at it, along with NixOS/GuixSD), but the community and the lack of packages made me not get convinced. Then I switched to Archlinux, but I'm not convinced because lots packages I like are only in AUR.


I always "suffered" the compiling under Gentoo, but I would like to do some distcc magic and such to avoid it. I wonder if there's a possibility to rent some trustful "compiling farm" out there that is enough secure to prevent malicious attacks (some kind of repetitive work to check there's nothing evil inserted?).


Anyway, I installed Arch and forgot how to install it. I installed easy distros on third party computers (Linux Mint, mainly), but the "hard way" is a bit annoying and even more with UEFI.


I'm looking at the following tutorial, not sure if it's updated.





Here's some (probably dumb) questions:


- 2010? What does mean that date?


- Does Funtoo "suffer" from the need to download all the overlay? That's one of the things I liked of Paludis, for example. There's a modularization by having different repositories.


- I need to dual boot quite often to Microsoft Windows 7, unfortunately. I want to avoid it by using VM when possible

* I'll use mainly Cadence Allego, the AWFUL but pretty Circuit Wizard, maybe Altium, SolidWorks, and try to go to the FOSS side whenever possible.


My machine


MSI "Gamer" Laptop:


GE62 2QD(Apache Pro)-406XES-BB7570H8G1T0SX


- Intel Core i7 5700HQ: 2.7GHz that can go to over 3 if in turbo mode, wings not included (but it sounds like a Jumbo!).

- 8GB RAM:I'm seriously considering upgrade to 32GB when I have enough money:

- 1TB HDD: I'm considering to have my own mini-NAS. Also one of those 3 RAID SSDs[1] [2] plus the same HDD or a bigger one. I miss to be able to buy this, it seems it's sold at ebay by more expensive prices.


- Nvidia GTX960M (I would liked a bit better one, but well).

- Non-mechanical keyboard: I regret of this, MSI released one  that looks lovely (but costs a lot more!).
*  I can't afford it. I love my desktop's  Model M+CST LTracX
** I have RSI/CTS issues and my ADHD makes it even worse, because I type very STRONG.


- Sub-par battery: I'm seriously considering on upgrade. Right now I'm trying to obsessively optimize to reduce battery usage for certain tasks if possible. Maybe I'll consider an external battery pack too.

- A giant trackball: CST LTracX. Considering to find a smaller one for making it more portable, I'm not so used to trackpads and this one is cumbersome to wear despite I love it.

- I'm very unsatisfied with the battery usage, despite my extreme battery usage optimizations when doing not intensive tasks. Can I upgrade it?

-I miss official Steelseries RGB support under Linux, I found the following hacks: [https://github.com/wearefractal/msi-keyboard]in javascript[/url] and this one in C++ and this one in Rust!. Maybe some brave soul could add it to the HID part of the Linux kernel.
Can can I do to have a nice system without commiting suicide? I miss Gentoo, but I remember the first steps were very painful to me and I forgot EVERYTHING.
Kind regards.
PS: I hate Java, dotNET, Gnome3 and not like KDE so much.
PPS: I use Pale Moon web browser.
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Did I say something wrong? I know what to read, just did a presentation about my plans.

I should have wrote this message in a presentation section or something like that. I'm sorry.

I forgot to mention I had issues installing it under UEFI. I'll check it and try again, then ask concrete questions.

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