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issues finding bootdevice and usb keyboard




Let me start by saying, this is my first time trying to install funtoo.


I am trying to install Funtoo on a brand new PC with an Asus Z97 keyboard ( http://www.asus.com/dk/Motherboards/GRYPHON_Z97_ARMOR_EDITION/ )

on a Samsung SSD.


I have followed the installation manual and everything up on til booting for the first time. Now when I am booting the pc boots not being able to find the root device. Plus it boots without USB keyboard, so i can not do a lot of error finding.


I am using old school grub and UEFI bios - but the kernel boot just fine. So i dont belive this is the issue.


I have tried compiling my own kernel using genkernel and the debian sources - but i am not sure which drivers I am missing.


I have tried specifying the root partition in boot.conf - and everything seem to be configured correctly - but the kernel cant find the root device during boot.


I have tried using iommu=soft as er kernel parameter to try to get usb to work.


Any help as to where im going wrong would be appreciated, as i currently cant interact with the system once its booted the kernel.


If theres any information that would help, ill try to provide it.


- aneez


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