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Running funtoo x86 in chroot under FreeBSD



I sometimes boot into Funtoo ~amd64, and sometimes boot into FreeBSD 10 stable with current (HEAD) ports.  They are on separate drives with their own boot managers but share a common /home on a ZFS mirrored pool.  I'd like to try running the 32-bit Linux google-chrome in FreeBSD.  It appears to be almost possible to do that using the CentOS 6.x system from ports and utilizing the FreeBSD "linuxulator".  In other words FreeBSD can run Linux binaries "natively" (but it only emulates the Linux 2.6.x kernel).


I can chroot into the FreeBSD linux subsystem at /compat/linux and run Linux gui apps using the FreeBSD X server.  e.g.

# script to chroot into bash in linux  

cp /etc/resolv.conf /compat/linux/etc/

mount -t linprocfs linproc /compat/linux/proc

mount_nullfs /dev /compat/linux/dev

mount_nullfs /sys /compat/linux/sys

mount -t fdescfs fdesc /compat/linux/dev/fd

export DISPLAY=""

xhost +localhost

DISPLAY=localhost:0 chroot /compat/linux /bin/bash

but I run into problems with missing libraries for Google Chrome -- it would be so much more flexible to just put Funtoo in /compat/linux and use portage to install stuff into that chrooted system.


Before I spend time installing Funtoo into a FreeBSD chroot (or optionally a jail) I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has tried running a recent Gentoo or Funtoo in a FreeBSD chroot or jail.  Any advice?  Pitfalls?  Is there any reason it can't work?  Can pigs fly?

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