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Wifi Broke



I've got a PCIe wifi card (Atheros AR93xx) that was working great, but now seems to be broken.  I'm trying to use NetworkManager to make it all work.


Here's some output:


# nmcli dev show wlan0



GENERAL.HWADDR: [shows valid MAC here]


GENERAL.STATE:   20 (unavailable)




# nmcli dev wifi rescan

Error: Scanning not allowed while unavailable or activating.


No wifi networks appear to be seen, but the interface itself does appear to be there.


What's odd is this was all working fine, but now seems to be sad.  Open to trying suggestions, but please don't ask me to copy walls of text because that's hard without internet access... :)


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Um...I fixed it.  Hooray?


Looks like NetworkManager broke using dhcpcd: https://bugs.funtoo.org/browse/FL-2372


In my flailing about I uninstalled wpa_supplicant, thinking that NetworkManager would handle everything.  It appears that reinstalling wpa_supplicant (luckily tarball still in cache!), combined with changing NetworkManager to use "dhcp=internal" has fixed my wifi problems.  Hooray!

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