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About encrypted installation

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I read the news/announcement about 1.4-release retired in 2024 and what @coffnix said.

Encrypted our new installation is a very good advice but first, fixing the encryption at installation couldn't be better before saying that ?

I'm trying since a week to install Funtoo with LVM on LUKS, reading every wiki (three wikis for the same subject ? what ? Oo), asking help on Discord (thanks for the support wolf pack, I appreciate it <3), checking bug reports. Nothing works.

So, I'm a bit upset because we tell me to encrypt my Funtoo but wikis are broken and mix-in encrypted-root too.

For the moment it's a bad experience on Funtoo.  And if I still try to fix my installation it's only because I never give up on computer's stuff and the guys helping me on Discord. But when my Funtoo will work, I probably change for Gentoo, which I'm sure is easier to install and use.

I like your philosophy, but that's all. And I'm really sad about that.

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