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Keychain project still alive?



Is the Keychain project still alive?  In the Project History section of the project page, it says, "Daniel maintained keychain through September of 2017."  What happened after that?  Is there a maintainer?  I've used Keychain for a long time and find it quite useful and am very thankful for all the work that Daniel and others have put into it, but if it's not maintained, I wouldn't want to recommend it to others, and if it's not maintained because it has fallen out of favor within the community, I'd wish to know why.  I see on the Keychain project on GitHub that the last release was on January 24, 2018, and the last commit on any branch was February 6, 2018, so that's over five years ago.  It's possible that the project has reached feature completeness and works well and doesn't need updates, but I do see that there are 43 open issues and 7 open pull requests, which gives me cause for concern.  And one of the issues is #146: Project Still Alive? Potential for a fork?, which was opened two weeks ago and doesn't have a reply.  Thanks!

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