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Localization in French with xfce



Hi all,

I installed Funtoo a year ago, with xfce desktop environment.

I followed all the install process, as well as the localization page indications.

I would like to have my xfce in French, but the menu is still in English.

eselect is set to fr_FR.UTF-8 (from memory, I am not on my machine now).

LANG is set to French as well. L10N as well (fr-FR)

I also tried to export LANG from the xinitrc (I am not using any display manager, starting with startxfce4).

I am running the Next version of Funtoo (I followed the guide recently given). Previously, I was also

unable to have xfce in French. I tried to find some solution with the Gentoo website and forum as well,

without success.

So, any help would be greatly appreciated in order to sort this out.


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Hi foid!

I set up a fresh Xfce environment for testing. I succeeded to build a French Xfce desktop.

What I did:

  • Add "fr_FR.UTF-8 UTF-8" to /etc/locale.gen
  • Execute locale-gen
  • Select fr_FR.UTF-8 with eselect locale set
  • Reboot

What I did not:

  • Set LINGUAS (As you may know, setting LINGUAS reduces language supports. Without LINGUAS, Xfce installs French language support by default on my environment)
  • Set L10N (Doing so should not harm but I think it is not necessary in this case. It is recommended to set if you install Firefox, for instance.)
  • Set LANG in xinitrc (as eselect locale updates /etc/profile so the setting should be enabled system-wide anyways)

Would you show us the output of the following command?

env | grep "^\(LANG\|LC_\)"
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