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efifb mode is 640x480x32




I've just installed Funtoo 1.4 and the console is using the efifb with a 640x480 resolution. I'd like to change this to something higher and I'm trying to work out the correct way to make this change. In particular I'd like to test any changes before rebooting the PC. To test I emerged fbset and that was ineffective and making any changes. No matter what I try with fbset the mode remains as 640x480.

Are the any programs or tools I can use to change the framebuffer resolution when using the console? I'm wondering fbset is the correct program and it's just not working because no additional modes are available:

cat /sys/class/graphics/fb0/modes

However, if I start a command line at the grub menu and type "videoinfo" I see output including "Adapter 'EFI GOP driver':" with a list of other video modes. The 640x480 mode appears in the list and has an * mark next to it.

Any advice on how best to change the video mode for the efifb would be most helpful.


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