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drobbins how did you make the funtoo router a wifi ap?  do you run dnscrypt behind dnsmasq?  dnscrypt is slow, but behind dnsmasq its negligible, and greatly improves security.  do you run squid also to maximize caching on the router?


edit:i can't change the title to funtoo wifi router?




<drobbins> so here is what I did
<drobbins> set up a bridge with an IP address called brwan
<drobbins> with a LAN ip address
<drobbins> then I added wlan0 and eth0 to that bridge
<drobbins> as slaves, with template=interface-noip
<drobbins> then I configured hostapd for wlan0.
<drobbins> started it all, and it worked
<drobbins> then I run dnsmasq. It is available to wireless and wired clients.
<drobbins> since it's bridged.
<drobbins> my DSL modem is plugged into eth0, and it does natting, so I don't do natting on my linux AP. It just provides an AP.
<drobbins> that is literally all that's needed. If wlan0 is visible in ifconfig, then hostapd is ready to do the rest.

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