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NVMe drive not reading as bootable


So, this is almost certainly a quirk of my motherboard, but I figured I'd check here as well.  Recently purchased an MSI Mag Z490 and doing a whole upgrade.  Boots off my USB stick just fine, but when I try installing to my new NVMe drive, the bios doesn't recognize the drive as bootable.  Is there potentially something additional I need to do on the install process that I may have missed in the documentation?

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Ok there could be multiple reason but if you can try this thing

1. BIOS > SETTINGS > Advanced > Integrated Peripherals > M2_x Pcie Storage Remapping and change setting to Enabled

2. see if AHCI disable or enable and check if it detects



4. Use wipe utility of manufacture NVME, eg Samsung Magician for Samsung nvme

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