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new ram, new problems





i have a thread going over at asus's forum, if anyone else wants to chime in feel free.  this is more of a hardware issue than a funtoo issue.  im just posting links since people are talking to me about it, have a place to consolidate the suggestions of tests/work arounds.....


memtest86+ 5.01 fails to restart upon pressing esc, it just hangs....

when memtest 5.01 starts it has the failsafe regular mode by pressing f1 or to run in smp mode by pressing f2 and the messages go away quick so you gotta be ready to press f2.


memtest86+ has sent me a few errors but its also given me several passes of clean runs of the entire memory set.



im starting to wonder if the lack of heat spreaders causes the center chips to overheat...  the case has 1 120mm fan, and tons of holes...  its a horizontal rack mount case, i think im going to masking tape the holes up and get the flow going a bit better.  its totally warmer with the top on the way it is.  the case's fans also parallel to the ram so the wind only hits 1 outside chip.  i have spare fans i can rig to directly blow the ram so ill try this next shutdown.


todays update:

last night ram 1 in slot 1 power off ram 2 in slot 2 power off ram 3 in slot 3 power off.....  old known working ram in slot 1 and 2 power off....  i dorked the bios enough to require pulling the cmos battery, 667mhz = no video post....  forcing timings voltages and speeds = power off....  since resetting the cmos with the new firmware things look like they're running OK for the moment.  blew dust out of the power supply blew dust out of ram sockets blew dust out of vid card socket....  right now running ram3 slot 3, been using dune 1984 extended edition in vlc to send tons of bits through the ram.


i found a duplicate error posts on tomshardware and gave it back links to this post, & the post at asus's forums from a differing yet similar motherboard, exact same ram.


todays update:

11+ hours of uptime from module3 slot3



after a few days of not updating this thread, i think its under control....  i disabled bank & channel interleaving & ganging & then memtested....  16 gigs run fine under single core on memtest...  i fire up funtoo thinking its all good in the hood, doesn't finish booting, starts freaking out after a good memtest run...  16 gigs do not run fine under smp mode of memtest...  enabled ganging, now funtoo's booting, browsers working (not throwing errors) and the vlc testings going to come up in a second...  i haven't put it through memtest again because im sick of looking at it.  if i get crashy wonky behavior its getting another round of memtests.  i disabled quickboot so the mobo tests ram every boot now.

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