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Yocto bitbake not working with version 3.82-r4 of make



The bitbake program of Yocto complains that the version of make used by Funtoo, 3.82-r4, is broken.


Here's the makefile bitbake is using to test make:

makefile_test.a: makefile_test_a.c makefile_test_b.c makefile_test.a( makefile_test_a.c makefile_test_b.c)
        touch $@
        touch $@

When running make on this makefile it fails with the following error:

make: *** No rule to make target `makefile_test.a()', needed by `makefile_test.a'.  Stop.

The error comes from the extra space after makefile_test.a(; make completes successfully if the space is removed. I'm not sure if the space in the makefile is a typo or if it's on purpose to expose a bug with make.



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