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can't build kde-plasma/plasma-meta



I tried to build kde-plasma/plasma-meta on two different PCs but they both fail on the same package, sys-apps/accountsservice. The error message is that systemd is required. I added the nosystemd mix-in to my profile but that didn't help. I tried to blacklist the package in package.mask but emerge returns an error saying that it must be unmasked.

Would someone know if there's a way to build this package without systemd?

Thanks in advance.



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I do not use KDE, so I do not know the answer to your question off-hand; however, would you be able to do:


1. post emerge --info

2. post the stack trace / log message


According to this:



You are right that systemd should be an option.  Additionally, exploring the ebuild from funtoo on github:




REQUIRED_USE="?? ( elogind systemd )"
!systemd? ( !elogind? ( sys-auth/consolekit ) )



I think if I'm interpreting that correctly, when systemd is disabled, elogind must also be disabled and you need consolekit.

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I have this issue on my server at the moment, but I am not using KDE on it.  It is still running Funtoo 1.3 and I discovered this while trying to rebuild the system with -mtune generic so I could upgrade the hardware next month without a reinstall.  This issue stopped my "emerge -e @world" in it's tracks.  On my desktop I just did a fresh install of Funtoo 1.4 and was able to install sys-apps/accountsservice without issues. 

I haven't looked into the issue any further because I am fighting with I desktop.  If I win I get to use Steam in Funtoo.  If it wins I have to keep Ubuntu installed on one of my disk partitions.



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