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Funtoo on Beaglebone-AI

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I have published on my web site a Stage3 for Funtoo for the BeagleBone-AI, the AI stands for Artificial Intelligence.

This board uses an AM5729 processor which is similar to the DRA752 and AM5728. The main difference with the AM5728 is the added coprocessor that is used for artificial intelligence

It has a similar connector to the one from the beaglebone black.

I use the kernel 4.14.108-ti-r114, I compiled it with the Linaro compiler as done on EEWIKI because it won't compile with  the Funtoo gcc 9.1.1
I had no problem compiling u-boot with the funtoo gcc
I will be creating several ebuilds for support that is missing for this board. I will publish those on my site. I haven't updated my funtoo page yet, when I get time I will put some information there as well.



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I have added info for using the same stage3 for the Beagleboard X15. You just need to add the missing device tree files.

It uses the u-boot and kernel from digi-key eewiki which doesn't seem to support EGL from imagination

When I get some time I will update it with one that does, beagleboard group seems to only want free stuff.

The problem like with most arm board, if you only want that you are giving up on all the power of the video processors.

I have been busy with my odroid boards so it will take a few weeks before I implement that.

Note that if you use the free driver for the 2D GPU you can get a decent xorg. If you do that and want lazarus you can  use my overlay to compile free pascal and lazarus.

Give me a message if you go that route. I haven't it documented yet.


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