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UEFI boot problem



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There is a different between EFI and UEFI.  The latter has signed security certificates, which I don't think funtoo supports (not sure) since someone has to be the certificate signer.  This would be a bad combination as you would have to sign your kernel ever time you make a change and then manually tell the BIOS to accept the new certificate.  Its a little bit easier to just have a signed GRUB and I think GRUB will bypass the rest of the "secure boot" options.


If you can turn off the "secure boot" options in your BIOS, start there. 


Other than that, make sure you have an EFI partition that is fat or vfat formatted.  Most EFI systems will let you choose an EFI file to boot.  You can grab one of the shell efi files and boot that for testing.  I always keep a couple different EFI files around (including an efi version of memtest, etc).


Keep me posted.  I'm more familiar with grub than EFI stub, but I canget around EFI fairly well these days.  There is a learning curve, but you get a couple extra options if you care to take advantage of them.

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