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zfs fails to create dataset on new pool



Today I installed 3 new 1TB drives with the intention of configuring them as a zfs raidz pool.  The zpool create command executed ok:


   #  zpool create -o ashift=12 -f tank raidz ata-xxxx ata-yyyy ata-zzzz


where the xxxx, yyyy, zzzz were the disk/by-id names.  I now have a /tank filesystem with 1,8 TB available.


But when I try to create a dataset the operation fails, leaving some processes busy on /tank but never completing:


   # zfs create tank/home

   # Fail


I've repeated this process carefully, after re-initializing the zfs config.  The error message this second time "Killed".

I tried to list the contents of /tank to see if home had been created but the `ls` command locks up; the filesystem there is bad.  Indeed the zfs create operation failed.


I'm running funtoo current pure64 hardened with a desktop profile on the gentoo-hardened-3.15.10 kernel.


Can anyone confirm that it is possible to run zfs on top of hardened kernel, hardened profile?


Any ideas on how to proceed??


Of course I thought this installation was going to be very easy and straightforward, nothing can go wronikj@**!?...




I installed a non-hardened kernel, gentoo-sources-3.16.5, and rebuilt zfs-kmod-0.6.3 for it.  I can create datasets on the pool with the non-hardened kernel.  On the same pool when I try to create a new dataset using the hardened kernel the operation fails with "Killed".  I also find that I can not write to the existing datasets from within the hardened kernel.  This appears to be the death knell for the hardened kernel on this system unless someone can help me find a fix.

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