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Mate Wayland



I saw that ubuntu has mate on Wayland, Is there any funtoo plan for mate Wayland?

Eventually using X11 on any ARM device won't make any sense as arm has decided to no longer support X11 for their GPU.

TI has started some with the Imagination GPU a few years back and abandoned it. The futur being Wayland.

On that mate Wayland from ubuntu, can it be run without any X11 support?

On Beagle board X15 and Beaglebone AI  I can have X11 2D GPU support since there is an open source driver but no 3D, I would like to use mate on Wayland on those.

With the Odroid N2 I cannot get GPU support at all for X11. Odroid says that they will have good Wayland support in a few months.


A side question, I am creating stage 3 for the Beagleboard X15 and Beaglebone AI, how can I get them to Funtoo? I will have them on my website when they are completed.

I have been a bit busy with yocto but should get some time for funtoo in the next few weeks.



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