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Installing PyCharm on Funtoo?


How does everyone install pycharm community?

I noticed the ebuild is a bit behind, 2018 version.

Gentoo packages seems to have a few newer ones.  I tried...

emerge -av pycharm-community --autounmask-write


It didn't seem to grab anything newer than 2018 version.

Is everyone just using the jetbrains toolbox outside of portage?

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I also have pycharm installed and yes, it is 2018.2.4.  Not the latest and greatest.


If you look in git:

find /var/git/meta-repo/kits/dev-kit/dev-util/pycharm-community -type f | grep \\.ebuild$

You will only see 2018.2.1 and 2018.2.4.

Then, if you go to github.com or checkout the other branches, you will see 1.4-release has the latest version.  I don't fully understand the methodology behind the releases and what testing takes place before the latest and greatest ebuilds get included into funtoo kits, but they don't track gentoo 1:1.

If you are feeling lucky or have patience, you can configure /etc/ego.conf to use a specific branch, ie. 1.4-release to get the latest.  Just be aware that, that has cascading effects ...



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