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As far as I know, KDE 5 is not yet ready on Gentoo and Funtoo, but I suspect it will be in the near future - meaning probably 2 or 3 months. You can check the Gentoo status at http://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Project:KDE/Frameworks. I have tried unmasking and emerging some of the QT5 ebuilds, but they're obviously masked for a reason. For example, dev-qt/qtwidgets-5.3.2 fails to build on my system, and of course I can't emerge the ebuilds that depend on qtwidgets. But I was able to emerge a few other QT5 ebuilds. In any case, you might want to be cautious about being an early adopter of KDE5. I remember when KDE4 first came out. There were a lot of KDE3 apps that weren't ported to KDE4 for several months, so KDE4 was very crippled early on in its functionality. That will probably be the case with KDE5 for a while until all the KDE4 apps are ported to KDE5.

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