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Dual boot with Arch


Hi all.

Looking to try Funtoo as my first, and hopefully last, source based distro.

I have Arch on one partition (sda1) and installed funtoo on other partitions (sda2 for boot, sda3 for root) by chrooting from Arch into sda3.Followed the install instructions, way easier than I thought it might be so good work! However, I've tried various things with grub to no avail. If I use Arch as the grub installer I can't get into Funtoo (can't find the kernel etc.), and vice versa if installing grub from Funtoo (when selecting Arch from grub I get a filesystem error).

I can go through the rigamarole of collecting data to paste here (bear in mind that I can possibly get some log file for the grub error from Arch, but I 'd have to go through the process of chrooting etc. to get the other info i.e. the non-booting Arch) but I was hoping that someone may be dual booting Funtoo with another Linux distro and could help me out with grub configs.


Many thanks for reading.



EDIT: Errrr.... I just did a grub-mkconfig on Arch, just so I could try again to boot Funtoo and therefore grab the error messages.... and it worked? I don't know how but I must've done something wrong before. Thanks again for reading, this question can be closed xD

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