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Upgrade Instrunctions and python


I think the Upgrade Instructions may be missing steps regarding the python upgrade.  It says to run these commands:

# emerge -u1 =dev-lang/python-3.6*
# emerge -C =dev-lang/python-3.4*

Both systems that I've upgraded to 1.2, I got this message when trying to remove python-3.4:

[root@wolfie 73% etc]# emerge -C =dev-lang/python-3.4*
 * This action can remove important packages! In order to be safer, use
 * `emerge -pv --depclean <atom>` to check for reverse dependencies before
 * removing packages.

>>> These are the packages that would be unmerged:
 * Not unmerging package dev-lang/python-3.4.6-r1 since there is no valid
 * reason for Portage to unmerge currently used Python interpreter.

>>> No packages selected for removal by unmerge

I don't recall exactly what I did the last time (it was some time ago), but today I tried first to use 'eselect python set'.  This removed the '(fallback)' status for python3.6, but did not get rid of the above message.  I ended up using 'eselect python edit' and entering a '-' before python3.4.  This has happened to me twice now, which suggests it's not something weird that I did.

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