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Funtoo stage 3 for Beagleboard X15

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I had the message posted on the wrong group. The issues I mentionned earlier I have fixed so I changed my message to be a real news message.

The ACCESS DENIED message of my previous was caused by a bug in one of Texas Instruments scripts that was checking to see if I use clang. In the function that check for the presense of clang it tries to create some log on a place where it can't. TI must never have tested that on the target. I managed to get it to compile on the target after I fixed the script. That bug is in the pvrsrvkm source tree.

I have published a stage 3 for Funtoo to use on the beagleboard X15 which uses an AM5728 processor from Texas Instruments.

TI broke the eMMC support for the Beagleboard X15 Rev A2. I have fixed that. Note that I have not checked u-boot yet so I think that you might not be able to boot on eMMC.

With a simular bug I was not able to boot off the eMMC on the DRA726 boards we have at work. I would have to wipe out debian on the beagleboard to check that out and I am not ready to do that yet.

You can find the files on my website http://suzielinux.com/

I am creating some ebuilds for my Beagleboard X15 boards.

I will publish those ebuilds in a few weeks.  So far I have the kernel 4.14 and sgx kernel module ebuild created. My next targets are EGL and adapting mesa to not interfere with the sgx EGL.





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