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failed to fork child process




I recently ran into the problem that i cannot start applications.

After boot i have lightdm working, login to openbox and it shows the recent backgrounds. Not my autostart panel and stuff.

As a user i am only able to start xterm, not the usual xfce4-terminal nor any program like  firefox.

I can run any term as root and firefox too starts like charm, I can su back as user ... but

utz@garuda:~$ firefox-bin
[1]    7293 segmentation fault  firefox-bin
utz@garuda:~$ conky
conky: conky: couldn't fork() to background: Die Ressource ist zur Zeit nicht verfügbar
												(resource temporary not available)
utz@garuda:/root$ audacious

(process:3511): GLib-ERROR **: creating thread 'gdbus': Error creating thread: Die Ressource ist zur Zeit nicht verfügbar
[1]    3511 trace trap  audacious

X seems to be ok so far, but where would i search for errors?





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