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Can I avoid gentoo-sources while installing some packages?



Hello to everyone, I hope I can be as useful to someone as this community has been with me (at least over IRC, this is my first forum post).

I have installed Funtoo not very long ago on my newly refurbished laptop. As I love to thinker with virtual machines, and Qemu can't run Win9X, I decided to install VirtualBox and give a try to Vmware.

The problem is that both ask me to install linux sources and debian-sources. I already have my custom kernel and its sources properly set and running, and I don't feel like addind something on my /boot partition I am not going to use, as clogging my bootloader options with useless things. With the custom kernel it should work just fine!

There isn't any way of override those dependencies and use my own source?


Thank you very much on advance, and Cheers

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