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grub.cfg and custom.cfg problems.


I have been spinning on this for many several hours now and am reaching out for help. Thank you guys!

Here is /boot/grub/grub.cfg http://termbin.com/edvw
Here is /boot/grub/custom.cfg http://termbin.com/90wi

Notice towards the EOF in in grub.cfg is #410 section .
If the #410 section is included, then my grub will have TWO, identical 'funtoo 410' entries listed on my grub menu. (one from grub.cfg and one from custom.cfg)


If the #410 section is omitted, then I crash to grub rescue command prompt. I was expecting to still see one SINGLE entry from custom.cfg, but it never gets sourced in this situation!

custom.cfg appears to only get sourced if I have one menuentry stanza in grub.cfg !

My other computer has no menuentry stanzas in grub.cfg, only in custom.cfg and it displays all the menu entries in grub perfectly.



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I can just put all my menu stanzas at the end of grub.cfg, but i dont understand why custom.cfg is not being sourced properly since /etc/grub.d/41_custom is marked executable and is EOF in grub.cfg




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