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Funtoo on atom



Hi newbie here with an install question. I'm currently in the process of installing Funtoo on an Asus Eee PC 1015PN (1 GB ram). I'm using the atom 32 subarch and it's been compiling for a day (literally) :) . I'm following the steps from the install guide, but then it dawned on me if it's compiling properly. Should I have set any CFLAGS (or anything else) before doing emerge world?


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Hi Enrique,

I have had Funtoo (and Gentoo) installed on my EeeeeeePC 2014 (or similar), atom CPU and I managed to install 2GB of ram. It works fine for anything but web-browsing as modern web sites makes have use of JavaScript and that virtually kills the tiny CPU. 

To be frank, the installation of Funtoo and XFCE takes like forever. Several days of compiling. Make sure that the power is connected and to make sure the ventilation works well. If the compilation phase, well, is alive (produces output) it is ongoing. The Guide is generally good and normally works well but it takes quite a while even on a modern desktop computer. It is worth waiting for :)

If you have a another and more powerful computer also running Intel CPU you can make the compilation on that. There is a trick mentioned in another post here. It is not a step-by-step description but a description for experienced users, sorry for that and I don't have anything better at hand right now. It is the part about all the details to find out CPU-settings that might need a bit of digging, but once the CPU settings are determined it is fairly straight forward.

One thing to mention is that you should probably build   the kernel on the actual computer you will use, I have had strange stuff happen otherwise and it makes sense - kernel does not adhere to the /etc/portage/make.conf -file as it is not a portage build.

It is worth mention that Funtoo is a very nice operating system on the old computers once installed. Runs well, slimmed, openRC does not start a lot of crap just in case, etc etc. I am generally very satisfied with the result (except for the Java-script web-sites then). The 10.3" laptop is the only thing that actually fits on a airplane and have been a very good travel companion.

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