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pinentry can't have both qt4 and qt5


I configured funtoo for kde-plasma-5. It has both use flags qt4 and qt5. When emerging with newuse , pinentry complains of the following:

!!! The ebuild selected to satisfy "app-crypt/pinentry" has unmet requirements.
- app-crypt/pinentry-1.0.0::core-kit USE="ncurses qt4 qt5 -caps -emacs -gnome-keyring -gtk -static"

  The following REQUIRED_USE flag constraints are unsatisfied:
    at-most-one-of ( qt4 qt5 )

  The above constraints are a subset of the following complete expression:
    any-of ( ncurses gtk qt4 qt5 ) gtk? ( !static ) qt4? ( !static ) qt5? ( !static ) static? ( ncurses ) at-most-one-of ( qt4 qt5 )

New info: it seems that qt4 wasn't provided by the mix-in, but apparently I had to add it manually otherwise a bunch of things related to KDE wouldn't emerge. qt5 is apparently builtin to the mixin and without it, poppler won't emerge.

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