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Where should XDG_CACHE_HOME be defined.



I have created `/etc/profile.d/xdg_cache_home.sh` with following contents:

export XDG_CACHE_HOME="/tmp/${USER}/.xdg-cache"

Today I found that gdm tries to create `$XDG_CACHE_HOME` when `$USER` was not yet set, which leads to `/tmp/.xdg-cache` being created. Everything works fine - it's just that empty dir annoys me a bit. So I started to digging up if I placed that file correctly and now I'm a bit lost, as seems like I had to add env var definition into `/etc/env.d` instead. Thus I have two questions:


1. (main one) where one should define that env var if he wants non-standard value? inside `profile.d` or `env.d` (if he wants global default).

2. There's man that describes purpose of env.d, but I'm struglling to find any description of profile.d

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