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Plasma-workspace-5.9.2 fails to emerge



Updating an old laptop from kde4 to kde5 following the guides has worked fine - until plasma-workspace:


Emerge paste



Seems to me that the following is failing:

AutoMoc: Error: "/var/tmp/portage/kde-plasma/plasma-workspace-5.9.2/work/plasma-workspace-5.9.2/shell/containmentconfigview.cpp"
The file includes the moc file "private/moc_containmentconfigview.cpp", but could not find header "containmentconfigview{.h,.hh,.h++,.hm,.hpp,.hxx,.in,.txx}"

That has made the update come to an absolute halt, and baffles me. Two days of searching for a solution to no avail. Anybody have any ideas what's going on?

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