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Graphic Driver install help



Hello Funtoo Team,


I recently installed funtoo for the first time. I have been a long time gentoo user. This is my first time installing funtoo or gentoo on a machine that uses a newer AMD GPU. My hopes is to dump my windows environment and use crossover/wine for gaming. I have a few other questions as well.


I need some assistance with the amdgpu driver. I used the following guide to install the driver and am using a custom kernel:


This is a fresh install and i have compiled everything from the WM, Xorg, alsa, and amdgpu. I have set my make config Video card variable to:
VIDEO_CARDS="amdgpu radeonsi".

I have an amd fury. The firmware is listed and all kernel options have been selected to work with amdgpu according to the guide from gentoo. Amdgpu installed without a hitch.

Is there anything else I need to do or configure? I know the Arch linux guide for amdgpu tells me I need to blacklist the radeon module?

I would like to know if the AMDGPU supports vulkan like the amdgpu-pro driver does and if not is there a way I can install the amdgpu-pro driver on funtoo? Is there any guides you guys could suggest that work?

Anyone gotten either of these drivers to work and what did you do? I chose cinnimon as my windows environment and have an amd fury. I am not using systemd init (one of the major reasons I chose this distro over gentoo).



I have another question about security. I opted to use apparmor instead of selinux. I followed the gentoo guide for apparmor but notice that I do not have any profiles. Is this normal and how do I know if apparmor is doing its job?


I installed cinnimon and used the via emerge but not sure how I should configure it. Should i just use steps from the funtoo mate guide or use gentoo's cinnimon guide? (https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Cinnamon)


Thank you for all your help!

Thank you to the Funtoo dev team for making an incredible distro thus far. Last time I installed gentoo I had issues with keeping systemd off of my system and it seemed like i was doing more fixing than using. I usually always encountered some hitch during install (seems like gentoo changed quite a bit from 2008-9). Your distro installed perfectly and the profile structure save alot of time and helped keep systemd off of the system.



I would like to note that I wanted to install mate as well but kept getting an error stating that there was conflict between 2 packages. I will have to get the exact error for you guys. Cinnimon installed just fine however.


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