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The tail of VirtualBox and the rc

Posted by Chris Kurlinski , 16 October 2015 · 2339 views

Well, I wanted to play with VirtualBox on Funtoo again.
Setup metro to create a custom stage3, added my stuff I use.
All went well, chrooted into the new install, did all the normal setup stuff.

Rebooted into the new install. all was fine in the world.
Adjusted my VM's to use VirtualBox, and even finally got OS X to work right virtualised.

Then the bull...


My day Job

Posted by Chris Kurlinski , 16 August 2015 · 2551 views

Not sure how many people out there are like me, but here is a project I just about to complete for a client.

I'm not in the IT industry, I'm in construction, a master plumber by trade, but do a lot of building management system integrations, and a lot of really specialty projects, like custom fire pits with iPad controls, high end pools ( we're talking 1...


Working towards my ideas

Posted by Chris Kurlinski , 01 June 2015 · 1134 views

I'm a big fan of trying anything new, but the cardinal rule for me is this:
Don't mess with the data. If you don't what to lose those irreplaceable pics of grandma, keep it on a separate drive.

This is my mantra. I love playing with my system, updating, tweaking, and exploring.
But this can be dangerous to your data.

This is also the reason why I chose...

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