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Status of Crossdev?

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What's the status of crossdev?  I'm getting a message to convert /etc/portage/package.mask to a directory.   My magic wand is broken.  WTF am I supposed to do to the file?


And IRC is saying crossdev is broken permanently.  I just want to cross-compile 1 stinking package (need not be an ebuild, I can build from source tarball) so I can stick it on my phone (its rooted).   Whats the fastest way to get a cross-compiler installed?   I can build it manually.  I did it about 15 years ago but I can't remember how the  F&^% I did it!



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Why converting package.mask to a directory seems so confusing? just stick the file you have now with a different name inside the new directory.
But the fastest way is to use the android provide binaries by android, I'm assuming you have an android phone, install the android-sdk-update-manager, add yourself to the android group, launch it and select the 'SDK Platform' for the version you are using and install it, it will install a crosscompiler for arm,

and this will end up in your PATH:



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I have an SDK update manager on my desktop, but it mainly installs Java libs and its a GUI tool. I just want the cross compiler, not a dull Android ask, and must be able to install it from a shell. There is no GUI on the devel box. I'd prefer not to break the package manager, but if I have to I will.


Do have a URL for the download? I was thinking of using a deb or rpm package and just manually installing it.

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search for platform/prebuilts/gcc/linux-x86*,  I think you could just unpack it to something like ~/opt/ and change the environment variables accordingly, would do the work, but crafting an ebuild that neatly downloads this an unpacks it to /opt, and adds the paths to /etc/profile.d/, isn't complicated to make either, and you get to have something you could reuse later.

I don't know if it would fit what you are doing, but there's an app called Terminal IDE[1] on google play, that comes with gcc(though old 4.4), ssh(server, or was telnet I don't remember) , vim and tmux. and it's a few taps away.



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