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Metro Build error

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Following Metro Autosetup steps from here and here.

During run, I get an error message:

Metro encountered an error: Command failure (key steps/chroot/run, return value 1) : /usr/bin/chroot /var/tmp/metro/work/funtoo-current/stage1-amd64-bulldozer-funtoo-current-2019-09-16 /tmp/steps/chroot/run.metro
Incrementing failcount.
build failure
Something went wrong during building. See log for details

So where's the log file? Doing an `ls /var/log` doesn't show anything metro related. Is there a configuration step missing?


Re-exec Metro autobuild step I'm getting a consistent error:

# /root/metro/scripts/autosetup
No boto available; ec2 support disabled.
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/root/metro/scripts/autosetup", line 467, in <module>
    available_builds = auto_setup.parseMirrorDirectory(possible_builds)
  File "/root/metro/scripts/autosetup", line 99, in parseMirrorDirectory
    stage = stage[:rel_tag]
TypeError: slice indices must be integers or None or have an __index__ method

I missed something. I probably need to clean out setup files or otherwise. Don't need the arm processor just X86_64 (which seems to be a default with qemu).

Something is missing here

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